Tatabi Studio

Tatabi lab space
Ana Salas creates each piece of ceramics (necklaces, earrings, bowls, …) with care and handmade process. She wanted a very female, happy and artisan brand. 
For the logo, we were inspired by the pottery wheel of her studio.
We create a pattern system that combines harmonically with the graphic elements.

Ser diseñador a veces tiene su puntito molón: como que salga un día de solazo y te vayas a la playa a buscar inspiración!!

Being a designer has sometimes great moments: like going to the beach to look for inspiration!

Beach: La Patacona. Valencia. Spain! nice place!

We love ink lettering!!

Full Idiomas goal is to be the link between English language schools and recreational activities throughout Ireland. 
The brand reflects the youth life style, breaking with the classic image of the language schools and agencies. A modern, fresh, urban, grunge style define the personallity of Full Idiomas, with colorful text, people having fun in the photographies, and handwriting texts.
Designers Team:
Elena Sancho
Lidia Mínguez
Ana Nadal
Miguel Pla
Ink & Ideas
Abel Casado is a creative freelance copywritter, his field of expertise is communication. 
In his creative process he uses many papers, inks, litres of coffee and pencils! 
In the logo, the “A” represent a pile of pages, where all the new ideas are written from a blank page. And the “C” of communication and Casado, is inside a bubble speech, as the close and direct way he communicates with his clients.

Belén García Pardo has introduced us into the great graffiti tour in Valencia, during the Ciutat Vella Oberta festival (November 2013).

Discovering the Graffiti tour in Valencia

(Source: vimeo.com)